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Итальянцы любят Берлускони таким, каков он есть... старым, похотливым, но мощным и властным сатиром...
Italians like Berlusconi just the way he is
By Tobias Jones Published: 10:40PM BST 24 Jul 2009

Ах ты старый шалунишка...
In one tape Mr Berlusconi's Milan accent is apparently distinguishable as he compliments Patrizia and another girl for wearing black and he calls them sweet

Silvio Berlusconi continues to enjoy approval ratings that most leaders would die for, says Tobias Jones.
…Bizarre as it may sound, he somehow manages to have his finger on the pulse of the nation.

The recordings were secretly made by a blonde call girl called Patrizia D'Addario, 42, after she claimed that spent two nights at Mr Berlusconi's official residence in Rome, Palazzo Grazioli

Tapes of a sexually explicit conversation purported to be between Silvio Berlusconi and a call girl (pictured here with him) have been released

My Italian mother-in-law maintains that the majority of Italians have a mini Silvio inside them to whom Berlusconi speaks directly. He is what they wish to be: a person with chutzpah in abundance, a crazed fantasist with so much power and daring that his dreams come true. He's a man with his own, all-winning football team who is rich beyond comprehension, he's someone who defies the ageing process and sleeps with a stream of beautiful women. In fact, when you ask Italians about this current scandal, many say, "So what?" or "Good for him".
Some, of course, find him vulgar and repugnant, but many more are admiring and even envious.

Last month it emerged that she was one of dozens of girls that had been invited to parties thrown by the prime minister and one girl claimed that Patrizia had told her she had had sex with Mr Berlusconi

Внутри каждого итальянца силит маленький такой берлускончик. Он такой, какими они все хотят быть - у него всего в избытке, безумный фантазер с огромной властью и наглостью, чтобы осуществлять свои мечты. У него своя футбольная команда, которая всех побеждает, он бросает вызов старости и спит с огромным количеством прекрасных женщин. О скандалах итальянцы отвечают так: Ну и что? или Ему хорошо/на пользу. Некоторые, конечно, считают его вульгарным и отталкивающим - но гораздо больше тех, которые восхищаются и даже завидуют.

Rather than damaging him, these latest reports have allowed Berlusconi to present himself as a voracious, priapic leader, the sort of man who can make the Marquis of Sade look chaste. It all adds, of course, to his popularity. That's why the first magazine to splash a "Berlusconi's Harem" story two years ago was, in fact, one of his own.

Two weeks later on November 4th 2008 in another recording Mr Berlusconi can apparently be heard boasting of his book collection to Patrizia. He then purportedly says: "I'm going to take a shower as well ... and then will you wait for me in the big bed if you finish first?" Patrizia answers: "Which bed?....Putin's bed?..." To which Mr Berlusconi replies: "Putin's." Patrizia is heard saying: "Ah, how sweet... it has the drapes"

The following day in another tape Mr Berlusconi calls to ask how Patrizia is and she says:"I'm fine... my voice has gone..." To which he answers:"Eh? We didn't even scream"

Even if he weren't so popular, there's the vexed question of how to get rid of him. Political parties that have abandoned his coalition in the past, such as the UDC, have sunk almost without trace, and of his allies, neither Bossi nor Fini, Berlusconi's main political partners, seem likely to push their captain overboard .
The opposition hasn't even got a leader at the moment and the candidates have all the teeth of a new-born baby. They couldn't run a bath, let alone a campaign. The magistrature has brought accusations against Berlusconi in the past that far outweigh sleeping around, but if they haven't knocked him out, it's unlikely that a bit of hanky-panky will…

In another clip, Patrizia D'Addario and a man who allegedly paid her to sleep with the prime minister purportedly discuss the terms of the encounter

The entrepreneur, alleged to be Gianpaolo Tarantini, purportedly tells Miss D'Addario that Mr Berlusconi "is not taking you as a call girl ... he's taking you as a friend of mine that I brought along"

Mr Tarantini allegedly recruited girls for Mr Berlusconi's parties

In another recording a voice purporting to be that of Mr Berlusconi is heard asking the woman whether she would "like tea or coffee" for breakfast after allegedly spending the night with him

In the recording Mr Giampaolo apparently tells the escort girl: "I just wanted to tell you that ... at 9.15 a driver will come by to pick you up and we will go there"

She replies: "It's 1,000 [euros] for the night." Mr Tarantini says: "I've already given you 1,000 and if you decide to stay with him ... he will give you a present"

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/worldnews/5406658/Silvio-Berlusconis-women---the-top-10.html?image=1 слай-щоу - женщины Берлускони


Но этого оказалось мало - есть еще итальянская лолита по имени Ноэми Летиция, 18 лет, школьница, которой Берлускони подарил 6000 евро и брильянтовое колье.

Она называет его Папи - как трогательно...

Noemi Letitzia, 18, schoolgirl who calls Berlusconi ’Papi’ and who has been the subject of media spotlight after it emerged he had visited her coming of age party and gave her a 6000 euro gold and diamond necklace
Picture: AP

A former boyfriend of Miss Letizia, now 18, contradicted Mr Berlusconi's claim that he had met her due to his friendship with her parents.
Gino Flaminio, 22, also claimed that he had ended their relationship because he felt uncomfortable about the growing friendship between Miss Letizia and the media tycoon turned politician

The Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has faced new demands to explain his relationship with the teenage model Noemi Letizia, as fresh allegations emerged about their friendship

A former boyfriend of Miss Letizia, now 18, contradicted Mr Berlusconi's claim that he had met her due to his friendship with her parents.
Gino Flaminio, 22, also claimed that he had ended their relationship because he felt uncomfortable about the growing friendship between Miss Letizia and the media tycoon turned politician.
In an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica, Mr Flaminio contradicted Mr Berlusconi's statement that he had only had contact with Miss Letizia through her parents, who the Italian premier maintains are friends of his.
Mr Flaminio also alleged that the aspiring model saw in the New Year at Mr Berlusconi's villa in Sardinia.
He alleged that Mr Berlusconi telephoned the teenager last year after a friend inadventently left behind Miss Letizia's modelling portfolio after dining at one of the premier's homes.
Mr Flaminio claimed: "Noemi's parents have nothing to do with Berlusconi, the link is directly through him. Their relationship started around October 2008.
"It quickly became clear to me that Noemi and me had no future.
"He had a fatherly attitude when he was speaking to her and I didn't like it. I told her I didn't like it. She is a sweet and innocent girl who can't bear being apart from her teddy bear."
He said that last December they began to drift apart and they broke up after Noemi had told him she was going to Mr Berlusconi's villa for New Year.
He said: "When she came back she told me there were around 30 girls there and they were all given bungalows in the grounds to sleep in. Noemi brought a friend with her and in their bungalow there were two twins.
"Noemi told me that Berlusconi had treated them well and laughed and joked with them. She said that Berlusconi was only with them on New Year's Eve but I didn't believe her.
"There was a lot of strange things going on - I would call her mobile and she would not answer it so I called her friend Roberta who was with her but she kept telling me Noemi was busy and couldn't talk.
"When they left they flew back on the prime minister's personal plane - when she got back she wasn't my Noemi, she wasn't the Noemi or little anchovy as I called her that I knew."
Mr Berlusconi's friendship with Miss Letizia has been in the spotlight for a month after it emerged that he had paid a visit to her 18th birthday party and gave her a gold and diamond necklace.
When news of the friendship emerged, his wife, Veronica Lario, 52, announced that she was leaving him because he "spends too much time with minors" and because he was "not well".
Mr Berlusconi has said that he is considering addressing Italy's parliament about his friendship with Miss Letizia. "A lot of people should be ashamed of what they have said and written," he said.
La Repubblica has printed a list of ten questions for Mr Berlusconi to answer in order to explain his relationship with the model every day for over a week, but he has declined to respond.
The opposition centre-Left leader, Dario Franceschini, said on Sunday: "A politician has a duty to reply and tell the truth. It is not possible that the press can continue to demonstrate that he has lied and he cannot avoid answering questions.
"There is not a free country in the world where a politician would not have answered these questions because the key aspect of politics is transparency."

Собственно, писать можно много еше - в конце концов, а как же Ватикан и Папа и моральные католические ценности? Но думаю, мы об этом скоро узнаем, как там у них можно с девочками (кстати, ее бывший парень ее оставил) - а нам не мешает подумать - какое маленькое существо (а вдруг это саламандра?) кроется внутри каждого украинца?
А вдруг урка, дважды несидевший?


Самое-самое смешное - прогуливаясь возле своего дворца он объявил девушкам (из эскорта на пленках ), что под озером находится древнейшее захоронение 300 могил. Археологическая сенсация, елки-палки...

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